Natural Horsemanship

Natural horsemanship is a type of horse training that includes communicating with the horse through calm and meaningful body language of the trainer in an effort to gain the animal’s confidence.

It is a process that works with the horse, not against it, and imitates associative behavior that the horse would normally encounter in the wild with its herd.

Natural Horsemanship

Centuries old, this type of training has only recently been re-discovered in different parts throughout the world. It is recognized in the equine industry as a safe, natural and successful manner of training horses, leaving the horses more trustworthy of humans, confident, safer, and in general, happier horses

Aysén People

Cristian’s natural horsemanship experience

Cristian Vidal is one of the first people in the region of Aysén to begin implementing this type of training in his work. Practicing this method for almost 10 years as a professional, he has gained a large network of clients who entrust the starting of their horses only to him.

It has also allowed Senderos Patagonia to develop a strong herd of horses that are consistently reliable, safe and happy to take care of their riders. Many of our horses have been trained in this fashion, or are rescue horses that we have rehabilitated using much of the same methods.

If you’d like to see Cristian or one of our guides in action, we offer group demonstrations of introductions to horses and natural horsemanship where you can view Cristian interacting with an untamed horse.

Cristian also conducts 3 day clinics.

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