Aysén Adventure Trips

These tours are exactly what you’d expect: trips that combine various sports and adventures through the southern portion of Aysén, from hiking and riding to kayaking and even rock climbing. If we don’t offer it, we can at least set you up with a reliable guide that does!

Hike, Ride Kayak Tour

This trip combines our day trips in Cerro Castillo with a kayaking trip in Puerto Tranquilo to kayak the marble caves.

Aysén Adventure Trips

If you don’t have a full week to explore Aysén, this package will get you to some of the best spots within close proximity to the Balmaceda national airport.

Discover the beauty of the glacier packed mountains while horseback riding and hiking, and spend your evenings in the comfort of a warm bed and breakfast.

On your last day, the only way to truly visit the Marble Caves is by kayak, finishing off a perfect combination of adventure along the Southern Highway.

Level of Difficulty: Low.
Duration: 4 days and 3 nights
Price: starting at USD$735

Aysén Glacier Combo

Our glacier package highlights the receding glaciers in the Cerro Castillo mountain range and the Northern Icefield.

Aysén Adventure Trips Glacier

Backpack the Photographer’s Sunrise Circuit in the reserve, while having the opportunity to hike on the Exploradores Glacier, part of the Northern Ice Field. When you think you can’t get much closer to these millennial formations, take a boat ride to Laguna San Rafael and see the enormous ice chunks calving off the glacier into the ocean. This trip is your ultimate adventure and has it all!

Level of Difficulty: Medium.
Duration: 9 days and 8 nights
Price: starting at USD$2.100

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