Logistical Support

Whether you’re a mountaineer looking to porter your gear in to an unexplored valley to climb, or a group needing a local expert on the ground to help plan your expedition, we can supply the support you need.

Let us make the best connections for your trip!

Logistical Support Senderos Patagonia

With over a combined 30 years’ experience working in the field of tourism and outdoor education, Mary and Cristian have developed an expertise in trip planning.

The local connection with guides throughout the region helps them succeed and plan expeditions of varying degrees. Senderos Patagonia has coordinated groups up to 50 clients in different areas throughout the region and are specialists at packing in equipment and gear to very remote areas.

Let us help make your trip or expedition a little smoother and if we aren’t the ones ideal for your trip, we can help find you someone that is. As one past client put it:

“I’ve learned that if I think it can’t be done or will be too difficult, to just tell Cristian… he’ll always prove me wrong!”

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