Equestrian Adventures

Offering the best horse trips in Aysén, we have a variety of trips available to fit your riding ability or comfort level. Our horses are family, and we take pride in their care and hope you’ll enjoy them as you take in the beautiful Patagonian landscapes, feeling like a true frontiersmen.

Avellano Valle and the Lost Town

Our signature horse-packing trip, this adventure offers everything you’d imagine in Patagonia, representing the region of Aysén and its strong gaucho culture as you follow old horse and ox paths into the mountains.

Equestrian Adventures Avellano

Beginning just south of the town of Cerro Castillo, we travel into the forests and Andes, traveling the trails of weathered gauchos. We’ll spend the nights in established camps or “puestos,” feasting on traditional Patagonian asados (open-fire lamb barbeque) until reaching the abandoned mining town of Puerto Cristal. Here you’ll be welcomed by the owners of Turismo Puerto Cristal, where you’ll spend a night in their guest house and take a historical tour of the now ghost town, and a declared national monument. This is truly one of the most historical and traditional routes in this area of Aysén. Don’t miss it!

Dates available from December 1, 2023 through April 1, 2024


Level of Difficulty: Medium to High, experience riding is necessary.

Duration: 8 days and 7 nights (6 days on horseback)

Price: starting at $3,650.00 USD per person

Las Ardillas Circuit

The area around Cerro Castillo is excellent for a relaxing horse ride through the foothills of these amazing mountain ranges.

Equestrian Adventures Las Ardillas

Highlighted in the March 2017 issue of National Geographic Traveller UK, you can choose to base yourself out of one of the private cabins we rent or combine your stay there with a short two day, one night pack trip. The terrain provides rolling hills and plains with beautiful views of the pristine lakes in the area. Mix it up with a day of kayaking or fishing, and your stay is sure to be unforgettable!

Level of Difficulty: Low – Medium.
Duration: 5 days and 4 nights (3 days on horseback)
Price: starting at USD$1.890

Estancia La Maroma

This horse trip gives clients an excellent array of landscapes, from rolling pampas to vistas of Lake General Carrera, highlighting the sectors of Cerro Castillo and Puerto Ibanez, just an hour south of the Balmaceda/Coyhaique airport.

Equestrian Adventures Estancia Maroma

Clients will have the chance to experience a pack trip through an old sheep ranch along the Argentinean border, as well as embark on day rides with the comfort of sleeping in a bed at night. The lodge, an original sheep shearing shed that burnt down, has been recently restored and transformed to welcome you to Patagonia. Ideal for couples or large groups.

Level of Difficulty: Low
Duration: 5 days and 4 nights (3 days on horseback)
Price: starting at USD$2.575

The Pioneer Trail

For those searching for the ultimate horse expedition, look no further. A trip of a lifetime, this horse expedition is not to be missed. Follow the original trail from the town of Cochrane along the Argentinean border to the ultimate frontier town of Aysén, Villa O’Higgins.

Equestrian Adventures Pioneers

A trail built before the Carretera Austral (Southern Highway) existed and used by the first pioneers to colonize the town of O’Higgins, parts of it are lightly used by mountain cowboys who continue to live in the range, but with the construction of the Southern Highway, its use has diminished. You’ll encounter difficult terrain and un-cleared trails, virgin forests, clear Patagonian waters and opportunities to see abundant wildlife. Not for the light-hearted or beginner riders, this trip is an unforgettable experience into the heart of Aysén Patagonia and one of the last true frontiers!

Level of Difficulty: Very High, experience riding is required.
Duration: 14 days and 13 nights (9 days on horseback)
Price: starting at USD$4.500

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